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Library historical development

Csorvás civilization and cultural development  in the 1880’s,  had a significant role on the emergence of groups and clubs in Csorvás public life.

v     Csorvási Olvasó Népkör /1881/

v     Csorvási Olvasó Egylet

v     Csorvási Katolikus Kör /1890/

v     Csorvási Földmívelő Egylet /1899/

v     Csorvási Általános Közművelődési Egylet /1905/

v     Csorvási Iparoskör /1907/


The public education in Csorvás was totally a miss because of the WWI, however, after 1920 the cultural life had started, and the political life was born.

The centre of local cultural life were in the Artisan-Group, the Smallholder-Club, as well as the Catholical-Group. These organizations had own headquarters, libraries and theatres. Their libraries consisted of polite learning, Jókai, Mikszáth, Ferenc Herczeg, Gyula Verne’s books, and technical literatures, for example : agricultural and animal husbandrial books.

In that period the school library and the professional library of commercial group and apiarist group were founded, and they had more professional books and journals. The first public library in Csorvás was founded in 1949, and every resident of the village was a member of it.

The books from ceasing libraries of clubs, partys and groups were transfered into the library of DISZ. By 1956 the library was under the authority of the Town-hall, at that time the library was independent with 1000 book title.

The opening ceremonial of the new library was held in the new cultural house on December.1st.1963, and József Darvas, who is a winner of Kossuth author award, made a speech.

The ÁMK ( Public Cultural Centre ) was founded in 1972. The library wasn’t enough wide at that time, because the amount of books have increased rapidly since 1972. The library was enlarged by the population, and so, the total space widened to 135 m2. The library was enlarged farther, and the librarians have began to build the catalogue. The voice-bin was inaugurated on September.30th.1975, which was the first day of the musicalworld, and Béla Bartók’s thirtieth anniversary. The library was named after Béla Bartók’s since April.03rd.1981. Béla Bartók was related to Csorvás by Voith family.

There are some photos of Béla Bartók int he picture gallery.

Our library has developed smoothly and dynamically for decades, and it has a significant effect on the life of the town by its programs and activities.

One of our librarians, Mária Gyuricza Kissné, wrote a thesis about the library history.

You can read in Hungarian the thesis HERE ( PDF, Size : 8,68 MB )

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