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The building of the Town Hall

This building was built in 1902, as a village hall. It is the most important building in Csorvás. The frontage is decorated in Roman style, with 5 semicircular and 10 oval windows, and a gate, which is 3 metre high. The oval window is a pertain to buildings of the town, which is found on new buildings as well. (Flower shop, Cultural House, Restaurant)

  GPS: 46º 37' 59,15"N
         20º 49' 42,45"E


 Rudolf-majori kastély épületeCastle in Rudolf-grange

Earl Rudolf Wenckheim had this castle built between 1925-28, but Earl Matild Wenckheim used to live in it. She used this castle until 1945, and after it has had more function since. The local cooperative farm takes care of this building nowadays, and it’s used as an accommodation.

 GPS: 46º 38' 42,43"N
          20º 46' 27,96"E


A Károly-majori raktárépület képeWarehouse building in Károly-grange

This building was built in 1890, probably by Miklós Ybl’s plan. It is very interesting, that the roof is made of red pine(tree), which is very valuable. This warehouse could store about 20 railway carriage produce. The small railway departed from here too. Earl Károly Wenckheim was the owner of the grange, and his tomb is found in the park of late castle. The tomb was made in 1934, which is Adorján Horváth’s work, a black marble corpus.

 GPS: 46º 38'   2,90"N
          20º 45' 47,32"E

Rákóczi utcai amlomépület képeMill building in the Rákóczi street 34 

József  Elekes(Englender) built this building. He bought the site in 1897, and the small mill, which was on the site, was rebuilt. The steam mill worked after a year. This was the first serious industrial factory in the settlement, which gave work for 14 person, and it had a 120 horsepower steam engine. Its capacity : 240 cwt / day. This building has 3 level, and it occupies an area of 494 M2  

GPS:  46º 37' 54,79"N
           20º 49' 25,98"E


Mill building int he Bajcsy-Zsilinszky street 3. Bajcsy utcai malom épülete

  This building was built between 1920-22, and Earl Matild Wenckheim own it. This mill has 2 levels, and it occupies an area of 390 M2. This mill is similar to the other mill in the Rákóczi street. The grinder has a Diesel-engine, which used gas oil. Its capacity  : 200 cwt / day.
 GPS: 46º 38'  6,56"N
          20º 50'  3,00"E




Primary school in the Arany János street Arany János utcai iskola épületének képe

It was given in 1906, and this was the parish hall. This building has oval windows, and it is decorated in romantic style, as the town hall. The kindergarten has similar features in the István király street too.

 GPS:  46º 37' 57,46"N
          20º 49" 47,65"E


Living house in the Kölcsey street 10. Kölcsey utcai lakóház képe
 It was built int he early 1900’s. Baron Edéné Dániel had built this house for a „wonder”doctor, who healed her, and the woman recovered. This building has an architectural value, a big gate onto a street spectator. Because we can see such gate in some public buildings in Csorvás.
 GPS: 46º 37' 52,23"N
          20º 49' 57,74"E


  Living house in the Békéscsabai street 3.Podsztyenkás ház

This house follows the Slovak architectural traditions. Pertain to the house, that it has a veranda in front of the room, which is 1 metre wide. This veranda is separated with a 1 metre high fence from the street. The yard is developed likewise too.

 GPS: 46º 38' 11,07"N
          20º 50' 20,42"E



General Cultural Centre Általános Művelődési Központ képe

This is the most interesting building in Csorvás. It was built in the last century (1990) but the building has modern and individual architectural solutions. This centre contains the library, school, and the theatre hall. 

 GPS: 46º 37' 58,82"N
         20º 49" 38,54"E




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