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Local History Collection

 The local history collection was opened on the 23rd of January 2009, which falls on the Hungarian Culture Day. This collection was managed by Csorvás Pro-Urbe Syndicate.

There are about 5000 pieces of digitized photos and a lot of old instruments which were used in Csorvás long time ago. The collection is saved in a building next to the old school, in Kőhalmi Street. The building has 2 permanent and 1 periodic exhibitions. In the biggest room, We can see some domestic equipment from the 1910-30’s, which were used by people in Csorvás. ( for example: rooms, kitchen, larder, economic building, furniture ). The other permanent exhibition deals with the honorary citizen of Csorvás, for example: Dr Dezső Fehér, Mihály Gulyás.

The periodic exhibitions display the history of Csorvás. The first from these collections is found from Árpád’s Age until political transformation, and in the second exhibition we can get to know the music history of the town. Besides, there are some collections about the agriculture, the economic life of Earl’s estate, the farming, and the instruments which were in use in Csorvás. The last collection shows people in the Wars, in the XX. Century. The organizer of the collections planning to do a new exhibition about the culture of Csorvás. The exhibitions were visited by a lot of people in last years. There are more and more enrollments in the guest-book. (Hungarian, Slovak, German, Italian).

Helytörténati Gyűjtemény

Some researchers take up the collections for their work too. Some people asked for help to their family tree-research and thesis.

There is a book about famous people who were born here, or worked or lived in Csorvás. The title of the book: Who is who in the history of Csorvás. There is kept about 500 piece of photocopy of the Wars. Therefore, the military historians keep count of these collections.

The building will be renovated soon, and we would like to create an outdoor exhibition, where it is possible to display some bigger instruments, machines, and carts.  The local history collection is available, but the open hours are periodic, so if somebody would likes to visit the collection, please, let us know in the Cultural House.  

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