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Short introdiction of the settlement

Bird's eye view of Csorvás
The town of Csorvás is situated in Békés county, next to the main road No. 47. Csorvás is located between Békéscsaba and Orosháza. Csorvás has a population of 5302 people. For nearly 500 years Csorvás was Chorvas. The village was built in 1856. The first written record of the town is from 1217 but Csorvás became an independent settlement in 1857.The town has a symmetrical lay-out and it is like a chessboard. During the excavations, archeologists found church ruins from the age of the Árpáds. 
At the time, agriculture was the primary industry and the settlement’s output was predominantly wheat, maize and pig and cattle breeding.
With the arrival of the Nagyvárad-Fiume railway line in 1871, Csorvás became the main transport centre for agricultural produce. 
Csorvás now has a modern developed town centre, as well as three churches and a chapel around Szabadság Square. The town also contains a big park decorated with pieces of fine art. The outskirts of the town are designated “greenbelt” areas where the “Transylvanian Hérics” (a protected flower) thrives.
The Centre of the Town
The Centre of the Town
Visitors are more than welcome to our festivals. In March we organize the “International Folklore Meeting” to celebrate the marriage of Béla Bartók's grandparents in our Roman Catholic church (Béla Bartók is a Hungarian composer, famous for composing folk music). In June we organize the “Harvest Race” and demonstrate the traditional threshing process. In addition, the International Wedding Gastronomical Days is held at the end of July and the dedication festival is on the first Sunday after 15 October.
Csorvás is officially the youngest town in Békés county since 2005.
We hope that you will enjoy staying here, and  our town will give a lot of experience for you ! 
Welcome to Csorvás!
The Puszta of teh Csorvás
The Puszta of the Csorvás
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