Gábor Koncz's Performance

Koncz Gábor képe 


Gábor Koncz , who  has the Mari Jászai and Kossuth-award, director, will display his own life over the Buzzati’s short story. His performance will deal with happiness, grief, affiliation, love and family. Everybody gets on their "own express-train". But sometimes, people go away near the opportunities and beauties.
You can see the performance in the theatre hall of the cultural house,
 on 11 February, 2011, at 18.00 o’clock.
Before, there will be the opening of Endre Scholtz’s painter exhibition, at 17.30
The exhibition will be opened by Gábor Koncz.
We can organize the exhibition and performance, due to TÁMOP 3.2.4-09/1 application.
We are waiting for everybody with love, and the participation is FREE !
Please, let us know, if you would like to visit our programme in the library, or you can call us on this phonenumber : 06-66/778-262, or on the website of library.





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