Interactive Home Page

 Respected Visitors !

We developed a new, interactive librarian home page from the support of TÁMOP-3.2.4 application.

The home page is working in „Test-Mode” now. We would like it, that you can inquire about our library and evens of environment. Some parts of the home page don’t work perfectly, and the english ( and hungarien ) translation can’t be found on the home page sometimes.

Please, help to us in the fabrication of website. We would like to know your oppinion about the home page, and if you finded mistake in the operation. Please, write to us, what you want to see on our new home page.

We are waiting for your suggestions in our guestbook, or write to us : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Thanks for your helping in advance !




Our main Supporter:
Application SROP - 3.2.4/09/1-2010-0022 number
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