FestményYou can see the Endre Scholtz's pictures in the theatre hall of the Culture House, which was opened by Gábor Koncz actor on the 11th of February.
Endre Scholtz (who was born in Békéscsaba, 1959. ), he is the most famous painter of Békéscsaba.
His life: 
Sholtz learnt in the Ferenc Rózsa Grammar school in Békéscsaba. He taught in primary and grammar schools many a time.  He was called "gesture-king" by his friends.
His art: 
Scholtz paints his pictures in the "Alföld" style, he is a colourist artist. He uses fresh colours, and he likes the mediterranean style. His main theme : the panorama pictures. Sholtz has already had more than 120 exhibition, and he has painted a lot of pictures.
The exhibition is on wiew until the 25th of February.
You can see some photo of the opening in the Picture-gallery
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