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Gábor Koncz's podiumevening


 Gábor Koncz actor, who has the Mari Jászai and Kossuth AwardKoncz Gábor képe, had a very successful performance with full house on the 11th of February.  The podiumevening had the "Express-train" title.  

The actor started his performance with a Buzzati's short story. After, he declaimed the Walesi Bárdok from János Arany in dynamic and sensual style. The evening continued with a part of Toldi poem, and some short stories, which were very joyful and humorous histories.

He was a young boxer in his earlier film, and this role was refreshed by him in a short story. After he performed a juicy story from György Moldova, about a woman, who learnt to skiing. This story made the appreciative audience laugh very much.

When the performance finished, the audience was applauding ardently. The artist was feeling it, that he can't go away so...In the end, he said a poem and some short stories from his life.

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